Custom fields

Custom fields give you a way to store personalized data for participants.


A custom field label is displayed above the field element wherever it is displayed. Examples of usage are "Date of Birth" or "Primary contact email address".


  • Text: A simple text input field
  • Select: A drop down list of options
  • Checkbox: An on/off checkbox value
  • Email: A text field that validates email addresses
Do you have some suggestions for new field types? Submit a support ticket and let us know!


This setting controls the visibility of custom field data after it is submitted. By setting this to Admins only, you can hide sensitive data.

Ask on signup form

By enabling this the custom field will be displayed as an element on the Signup form. You can also mark the form element as required to ensure participants enter a value.

Let users edit their own value

By enabling this participants that have a BracketCloud user account set will be able to edit their own values after they join the tournament. This is useful if you want to allow participants to freely edit their own data during the course of your tournament.

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